Diligent ResearchExtensive PlanningMedia Buying

Diligent Research

Strategic planning along with effective media buying begins with researching the quantifiable aspects of the targeted audiences that they benefit the most from.

Extensive Planning

The planning process begins as an open slate. Targeted audience and media research are added, along with market evaluation to entrench the target audience.

Media Buying

The strength of a well planned media buy is as good as it’s execution. To implement successfully, the buying strategy to be effective, begins with the vendor.

Research and Planning

Precise research on the latest products which has the greatest demand in the marketplace. The planning is it’s execution

Precise Media Buying

Structured concise implementation of proven media strategies is the core basis of our successful media buying

Media Buying Services

To author outstanding and compelling media buying strategies which includes fresh and provocative insights which provides ourselves, our clients, and our vendors the competitive edge, an advantage that’s essential for outstanding success. To prove to be superior on a daily basis, this through an exceptional process of execution.

What going the extra mile to get the results we do isn’t extraordinary, but more routine and regular. This has become the backbone and the standard of our daily regimen, and routine to get the outstanding results we do.

Dictated by this mandated philosophy, what’s formulated are a series of seasoned media buying processes which are precisely tracked and performed on a daily basis. The pride of experienced along with particular innovative processes, serves a vast spectrum of industry progression.

This experience and knowledge is taken advantage of and used to inspire new and unique fresh ideas and processes, along with building profitable excitement for ourselves, our clients, and our vendors. For us, this is the that standard we set. For you, it becomes effective and worthwhile.

DigitalMedia Advertising Philosophy

Consumers experience your message directly on the various media channels and devices available today, this by embracing the new media. What we strive for is expanding into new technologies, keeping ourselves up to date with the newest innovations along with trends in the digital space. We deliver customized campaigns which includes the right mix of media channels to increase visibility while converting prospects into customers, ads into revenue. Every program begins with a strategy to prioritize the revenue goals, marketing objectives and the success metrics. Careful measurement, optimization and tracking justifies every digital marketing dollar that’s spent.

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Effective Specialized Targeted Media Buying. What successful Media Buying requires are a few elements. A strong knowledge and relationship with the key media traffic distribution entities…

Vendor Selection

The same respect that we show to our suppliers, clients, and vendors, we show in our media buying partners. For these reasons we have enjoyed steady growth along with long term relationships on every side of the business chamber.

We negotiate strictly for our clients, can play tough but are fair with our vendors. We get our metrics through precise tracking for each click that we generate, and work extremely hard to maximize it. We equip ourselves with the latest resources to develop a thorough analysis to stimulate the most insightful planning, resulting in the most cost effective media buys. The result is higher profits while paying less.

Mobile Media Buying

Mobile Popup – is when a new web page or tab which displays an advertisement that appears over or behind the current mobile web page that a user is currently on

Redirect Traffic – is when the user clicking on a link on a mobile web page, but instead of being sent directly to their intended destination, they are redirected to an advertisement

Domain or Type-in Traffic – is generated once a user usually mistypes an expired or a popular domain in to the browser’s address bar of the device and then is redirected to an advertisement

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Ongoing media planning and optimization along with research is included in our fees. What we have is a passion and a protocol to make our advertising dollars work hard, while obtaining optimal results. We are continually monitoring and tracking daily are our campaign effectiveness, and then redeploying when required, this to ensure that the best possible results are achieved.