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Media Buying For Mobile Affiliate Marketing

The role of an ad media buyer is to provide accurate users or develop a customer base to the business as efficiently and cost effective as possible. This is performed through media buys where ads are placed to attract these interested users to the clients products.

This is providing specialized mobile affiliate marketing services, which is similar to traditional desktop performance-based affiliate marketing, this where a business will reward their group of affiliates for the effort of an user or customer that’s generated, this through the affiliate marketing methods.

Affiliate marketing involves pushing their advertising message to a potential customer through in this case a mobile device, such as a smartphone or tablet, this in order to get that user to click on the affiliate link, and completes the required action on the advertiser’s page, such as downloading an app or completing a form.

We work with a few type of businesses which depends on the affiliates, which are app development companies, lead generation, and mobile content providers. Any mobile offer will fit into one of those categories.

The Metrics

The following are the metrics used when running our mobile campaigns:
CPC – (Cost per Click) The amount that’s paid pay per click every time that someone clicks on an ad, So paying 0.25 cents per click means we’re paying 0.25 cents CPC.
EPC – (Earnings per Click) The formula for this is – Total revenue/clicks = EPC. It’s the amount that is generated per click, for instance, if you earn $200 divided by getting 100 clicks, your EPC would be $2.00
CTR – (Click through Rate) This is calculated by clicks/impressions x 100 which is the CTR%. For instance, you get 20 clicks from 25,000 impressions, then your CTR would be 0.20 % CTR.
CPM – (Cost per Thousand) – The “M” is Roman numeral for 1000. This is the amount that you’ll pay for every 1000 impressions that you get on your ad. For instance, if your pay 0.50 cents for the 1000 impressions, your CPM would be 0.50 cents.
eCPM – (Effective Cost per Thousand) – This formula is the total revenue/impressions x 1000, which equals eCPM. It’s the amount that you make per every 1000 impressions. For instance, 0.75 cents eCPM would equal 0.75 cents for the 1000 impressions.
CR – (Conversion Rate) This calculation is the total conversions/impressions x 100 = X% CR. Which is the amount of conversions that’s generated. For instance, you get 20 leads from the 1000 impressions, would equal a 2% CR.
ROI – (Return on Investment) This is the total cost of the revenue, which is divided by the total cost x 100 which equals ROI%. For instance, you earn $1500 revenue from a $500 media ad spend, resulting in $1000 revenue. The $1000 profit is divided by the $500 media ad spend x 100, which equals 200% ROI
CPA – (Cost per Action) This is the commission that’s paid per lead or sale. For instance, a $5 CPA.
eCPA – (Effective Cost per Action) Is the amount that it costs to acquire that lead and the sale, this after the advertising expenses. For instance, $4.25 eCPA.

What’s required is a tracking solution to automatically calculate these metrics. The ultimate goal becomes getting the highest banner or landing page CTR, this combined with a high CR. Since a high CTR doesn’t always guarantee a high CR, what’s needed is extensive split testing, including testing several variables to find the right combination.

Media Buy Terminology

When it comes to mobile affiliate marketing and media buying, the terminology used is almost identical to what mainstream marketing is. The most common of terminologies which is shared by both, includes:

Single Opt In (SOI) – An offer which requires the visitor to enter their details such as an email, this without needing to confirm. There may be several fields of data that’s required for a conversion to be credited.
Double Opt In (DOI) – An offer that’s similar to a SOI offer. The visitor needs to confirm by filling a form, and then needs to confirm the link that they received in their email inbox.
Pay Per Lead (PPL) – Offers which pays you a commission for a successful lead submit. For instance, on a SOI or DOI submit.
Pay Per Sale (PPS) – These offers will pay you a set commission for a transaction that’s successfully paid for.
Pay per Install (PPI) or Pay per Download (PPD) – Offers which pays you a commission for a successful usually free install or download.
Revenue Share (RevShare) – Will pay you an ongoing commission or a preset percentage for the entire duration of the time that a user remains a paid member, usually for a membership.

Direct Linking – Direct Linking is once you guide a visitor directly from your ad placement to your offer page which is supplied, this without any landing page in between.
Landing Page – Is when there’s an intermediate website that a visitor will land on, this after clicking your ad. This is often a more defined pre-sell page or to segment visitor demographics or geography.
Self Serve Network – A network which gives you control of the campaign on your end, this in real time. For instance, it gives you the ability to start or pause campaigns as well as banners while also adjusting bids
Managed Buy – A fully managed network that handles your campaigns for you. For instance, a managed buy will pause or adjust bids, this based on your preset instructions.
Direct Buy – Negotiating direct advertising buys with the source or the owner of a site.
AdServer – A platform which will store, rotate, display, and maintain your ads for one or more sites. Also tracking and reporting stats along with displaying your ads based on different criteria.

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